Quality Football in NH

COVID Guidance


NHFOA Members: From arrival through pregame conferences (officials, coaches, timer, ball crew, chain crew, inspecting player equipment, approving game balls), including coin toss NHFOA members shall wear solid black or solid white masks of their choosing. The same will occur during extended sideline conferences, line-to-gain measurements, while ball is being spotted between quarters at halftime and upon departing field until departing game site or school.

NHFOA members working on line-to-gain crew or as clock operator shall wear a mask at all times from arrival on game site to departure from game site.

Members working as on field officials may wear a mask during game should they wish. At this time NHFOA on field officials are not required to wear a mask during the game, other than above described situations.

Below are several links that you may find informative and helpful for best determining how to prepare and handle yourself while officiating football games at any level. 

Center for Decease Control (CDC) and Corona Virus


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Masks and Face Coverings (Maybe NOT Gaiters)


Gloves (like towels, do not prevent spread, contamination)


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Need Extra Precautions


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Contact Tracing (If you become sick or are exposed)