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This is the Official NHFOA Rankings Site

2022 Official Ranking Instructions - Please read very carefully

  • To complete your rankings, you will need your Arbiter email address, your security code that you received in your notification email, and your rankings worksheet.

  • To complete each position, click on the position tab above for each one.

  • Within each section, Championship, Playoff, Varsity, and JV, rank the officials in order of highest to lowest.

  • Each official should only be ranked once per position regardless of the number of games you worked with them.

  • Only rank the official in one of the categories (Championship, Playoff, Varsity, JV). Do not repeat the same official in multiple categories.

  • Only rank officials that you worked varsity games with during the 2022 regular season.

  • Do not rank yourself. If you do, your entire submission will be deleted.

  • Please be sure to click “Submit” at the bottom of each position to record your submission.

  • If you submit more than one form, only the latest version will be recorded. Duplicates will be deleted.

An instructional video is available for your reference NHFOA Ratings Overview

An overview presentation is available for your reference
NHFOA Ranking Overview

Use this worksheet first for preparation before proceeding to rankings pages NHFOA Ranking Worksheet